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Taprath Liquid and powder based modifiers are widely used in the PVC Leather cloth Industry.

Our products are designed to enhance the soft touch, Flexibility, Elasticity, retention of plasticizers these
are some of the key performances, the processbility of our modifiers are also well suited to the current market manufacturing processes.

All grades are Pre-crosslinked branched or modified in various ways and converted this various particle sizes to modify the friction material compound at its best.


All grades are designed to achieve benefits of both processing and performance, while performance improvements are formulation oriented.

A lot of our customers also use a combination of our Taprene & Tapryl powders to attend better blinding and higher properties in commercial friction materials.

TAPRYL® LC350VC is a branched copolymer designed for plasticised PVC applications

TAPRYL® CC308 is a crosslinked acrylonitrile elastomer for polymer modifications and other applications

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