Tapryl CTMF & CCF

Nitrile elastomer powders for friction applications

Tapryl CP

Nitrile elastomer powders for polar polymers like PVC, EVA, TPU, etc.

Tapryl LC

Nitrile elastomer powders used in various applications like gaskets, adhesives and allied general purpose applications.

Tapryl SM

Specially designed acrylic modified nitrile elastomer particulate for modification on U-PVC products like pipes and plumbing fittings.

Tapryl HT

HT series is a unique engineered thermoplastic elastomer in powder form for modification of PVC, TPU, EVA along with engineering polymers like Nylon, ABS, PC, etc.

Tapryl ACR

An acrylic elastomer blend with its unique polymer structure can be used into various friction material applications. It can be put to use in various areas wherein certain unique properties have to be achieved.

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