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Tapryl Powders play a very vital role in modification of PVC and EVA based footwear Compounds.


Enhancing various properties like:

• Abrasion Resistance
• Oil & gasoline resistance
• Better Elasticity
• Permanent Plasticizer
• Very high impact resistance
• High Foaming Stability
• Increasing Mechanical Properties

Tapryl powder can be used in various rations along with PVC & EVA more details of the can be made available once you contact our R&D Team.


TAPRYL® LC350VC is a branched copolymer designed for plasticised PVC applications

TAPRYL® CP360 is a crosslinked copolymer specially designed for modification of PVC and other polar polymers

TAPRYL® CC360 is a crosslinked acrylonitrile elastomer for polymer modifications and other applications

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