Designed for PP SPUNMELT AND


Taprath’s TAPSTOFF® series is fortified with understanding the high-performance demands that today’s non-woven products must meet and the sophistication of modern processing and part treatment operations. Taprath is constantly developing new and cost-effective solutions including both standard products and specialty masterbatches tailored to unique customer’s requirements.

TAPSTOFF® series fortified with specially formulated Filler & Additive Masterbatches greatly enhance the performance, processing and raw material economics.


TAPSTOFF®FM- filler masterbatch is specifically designed to provide an attractive solution which creates value for our customers. Tapstoff FM is manufactured using propriety surface treatment to achieve excellent dispersion of minerals in the polymer matrix. TAPSTOFF® allows enhanced processability and optimized® compatibility.

  • Natural cotton like Haptics and softness of spunlace fabrics

  • Higher whiteness allowing savings on TiO2

  • Substantial raw material savings

  • Improved tensile strength and elongation of high & low GSM fabrics

  • No die build-up at the spinner or at any extrusion pressure evolution during processing

The most general dosage in PP spunmelt and dry raid non-wovens are varied from 10-25%. TAPSTOFF® FM is also a part of Taprath’s sustainable solution initiative as it has a low carbon footprint than PP resin.

It improves the CO2 balance.

TAPSTOFF® FM plays a vital role in PP spunbond non-wovens manufactured using different technologies (Thermal bonding & spunlace or hydroentanglement bonding)