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TapStar® LDA is a silicone polymer powder-based masterbatch, It is a highly efficient LED/LCD light-diffusing additive. It is mainly applied to PC, PVC, PC, PMMA, and PET transparent resin. It is extremely effective for increasing light scattering and transmission.


The addition of TapStar LDA results in the emission of soft light which builds a comfortable effect.


Characteristics: Typical Value
Appearance: Pellets
Colour: White
Refractive Index: 1.43
Temperature Stability: > 450 °C

  • Higher temperature, aging resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to change in colour.

  • Light transmittance can reach more than 86%. The material has higher brightness and lower dosage requirements compared with other similar light diffusing agent.

  • Uniform particle size distribution can effectively result in uniform light scattering points.

  • Higher haze can change the bright incident light to soft light.

  • Low light loss and high light-diffusing efficiency to meet the requirement of current LED lighting, lampshade, and light-diffusing plate in the industry.

  • Improve the strength of membrane diffusion optical plastic plate with flame retardant and smoke suppression effect.

  • PC, PMMA, PS, ABS and PVC lampshade, light diffusion plate

  • LED light-emitting resin

  • Electronic display board

  • Digital tube lattice

  • Cosmetic bottle

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