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The addition of TapStar® AM in your product results in superior anti-microbial and anti-fungal performance, which inhibits the growth of microbes, fungus, and other microorganisms to prevent staining, odours, discoloration, and deterioration in plastic products.

TapStar® AM will help distinguish your product giving you a competitive edge. The addition of our Anti-Microbial Masterbatch (for plastics) is extremely low resulting in a minimal additional cost for the value added to the final product. TapStar AM masterbatches are suitable for PE, PS, PBT, PVC, PU, ABS, etc. The addition of our masterbatch will have no impact on the physical properties of the product.

TapStar® AM Anti-Bacterial Masterbatch (for plastics) is available in pellet form for injection, extrusion and blow-moulding applications. We also offer TapStar® AM powder form for roto-moulding applications.

Antibacterial Masterbatch for Plastics

Carrier Resin: LLDPE, PS, PBT, etc.
Form: Pellets/ Powder
Stability: Thermally stable up to the temperature of the base polymer

Characteristics: Anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial masterbatch for plastics

  • Polyester and PP fibres for garments and carpets

  • Hospital bed posts, Hospital gowns

  • Kitchen cutting board

  • Toilet seats covers

  • Sport shoes liners, Sport under garments, Socks

  • Keyboards / mouse, Mobile covers

  • Playground equipment

  • Toothbrushes, Fishing ropes, Films

  • Random PP and PS transparent applications

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