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Functional Improvements for Plastics

Additive Masterbatches and Powders for applications including hygiene, packaging, automotive, cable sheathing

Our Company

TAPRATH is part of the 40-year-old RATHI CONGLOMERATE comprising of 4 Business Units in INDIA.

Apart from Taprath’s products, the Rathi Conglomerate companies manufacture Railway Components, Herbal HealthCare Products, Metal Alloys, and Welding Fluxes, and Technical Mineral & Cellulose Fibers.

Taprath Elastomers LLP is amongst the most renowned manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of NBR & SBR powders globally.

We also offer a wide range of raw material solutions for various applications. These include:

  • Cable Sheathing Compounds

  • Functional Additive Masterbatches

  • Biodegradable (Compostable) Raw Materials

  • Fillers for Specialty Non-Wovens


Taprath has earned a significant reputation for its absolute uniqueness due to its diversified and versatile manufacturing plant in the outskirts of Mumbai. Holding various compounding processes for plastics and rubbers under a single roof helps us offer the best products to our customers and enhances new speedy developments.

Additives for Enhancing Performance of Plastics

We offer a wide range of additive masterbatches which provide our customers with a chance to improve the performance of plastic products.

Be it ultraviolet radiation protection, antimicrobial property, rodent repellency, anti-static property, anti-rust packaging, and many other specialty applications, Taprath offers customized additive solutions for them all.

Biodegradable/Compostable Raw Material Solutions

Single-use plastic pollution is one of the major threats our world is currently facing. TapBio is a complete range of raw materials for such applications.

Customers manufacturing flexible packaging, disposable cutlery, or more technical applications looking for a green switch, Taprath is their one-stop-shop for all their biodegradable (compostable) raw material requirements.

Electron Beam Cross-Linkable Cable Compounds

One of Taprath’s recent developments includes the introduction of Radiation Cross-linkable Compounds in its product basket. Irradiation technology is used since the seventies to cross-link sheathing and insulation of cables but only recently has it seen widespread acceptance.

Our electron beam radiation-curable compounds comply with the latest cable standards in railway, automotive and solar applications.

Fine Powdered Elastomer Modifiers

for Plastics & Rubbers

7th largest manufacturer of NBR (Acrylonitrile Butadiene) and SBR (Styrene Butadiene) Rubber powders globally, Taprath offers these modifiers for applications ranging from PVC modification, friction materials, adhesives, wire & cable, gaskets, etc.

Tapryl HT is a high-performance modifier in this product line offering modification of PVC, ABS, PC, and other synthetic rubbers for higher oil and chemical resistance, better low-temperature flexibility, and improved mechanical strength.

Highly-filled PP Masterbatch

for Specialty Nonwovens

Taprath offers filler masterbatches specifically designed for Nonwoven applications. Compared to other filler masterbatches available in the market, our masterbatches can be used for fabrics as low as 15 GSM due to its special surface coating. At recommended dosages, it gives great savings economically, while maintaining the properties comparable to unfilled fabrics.

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