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A static charge is generated during the processing of polymers. If the static charge remains on the surface, it results in dust accumulation, blocking of film layers, sticking of films together, etc. This poses a fire hazard in solvent atmosphere.


The surface charge can be controlled by:

  • By not allowing the charge to develop.

  • By dissipating the surface charge by increasing surface conduction.

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Masterbatch

TapStar® AS is an eco-friendly, non-hazardous anti static masterbatch for preventing static charge accumulation on polymer surfaces. The active act by increasing the surface conduction & dissipates the surface charge. This thus prevents fire hazards during processing. The anti-static effect remains on the surface of the film until the film is washed or wiped by soap.


Active: Mixture of Vegetable fatty acid di-ethanol amide
Appearance: Granules
Colour: Off-white
Degradation Temperature: Above 250°C
Stability: Stable at ambient temperature under normal conditions of use

  • Reduces static charge accumulation on a substrate surface via Electro-Static Discharge (ESD)

  • Prevents dusting of surface

  • Film roll unwinding &tube opening becomes smooth & easy

  • Reduces fire hazard

  • Effective at low concentrations

  • Non-toxic

  • RoHS Compliant Anti-Static Masterbatch

  • Polymer processing operations like blow moulding, extrusion

  • PET, BOPP, PE films & bags

  • Blow moulded bottles & containers

  • Anti-scratch films of electronic components,

  • Pharmaceutical packaging

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