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NBR (Nitrile) and PVC are highly compatible when mixed together. The mixture of NBR – PVC is recommended for applications requiring good resistance to weathering and organic liquids such as oils and aliphatic solvents.

Pre-crosslinked NBR grades are widely used in soft PVC compounds for extrudates or calendaring process.

They are specialty products for a whole host of technical PVC articles such as crash pads, films, coated fabrics, profiles and hoses, cable sheathing, the soles of shoes & boots and floorings. Our Tapryl ® CP Series is particularly beneficial as an active component.

  • Improved Impact Resistance

  • Low-Temperature Flexibility

  • Reduced Abrasion And Wear

  • Reduced Migration Of Plasticizer

  • Rubber Like Feel (TPE)

  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties

  • Ozone / Weather Resistance

  • Oil / Fuel / Chemical Resistance

  •  Anti – Fog

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